Electronic Reading

Mom: Hey, are you still reading to E at night?
Me: I really haven’t been consistent with reading at night since we moved, but I did vow to start back up this week. (at the time of this post, we moved a month ago)
Me: Why, ask?
Mom: Oh, I could tell you hadn’t been reading to him. Whenever he comes to the house he just wants to play on the computer, IPad, or watch videos.
Me: (Silent chuckle) Really, you’re funny?

{That was a conversation between me and my mom on the phone last week.}

Now folks, if any of you actually knew my mom you’d laugh too. And for the people that know her please feel free to laugh – I wont tell. Let’s start with the top 5 reasons why ‘E’ probably hasn’t read at my mom’s house in the past month.

1. the IPod or IPad. Let’s just say that my dad has an Ipod and Ipad, none of which I own or will probably ever own.  My dad has taken the liberty to install, Angry Birds, waste paper, and a host of other games on these two gadgets. Let’s just say I didn’t know who an angry bird was until I was in Barnes & Noble and my son ran up to an Angry Birds merchandising table – dead serious.

2. the ‘Kids Room’. There’s an entire room dedicated to kids at my parents house. In this room there’s a play table, toys, a couch, an area for movie watching (even old school VHS videos) and a entire assortment of videos for the picking! Oh and at this point ‘E’ is very fluent in changing the DVD player and putting
on his own movies? Can he do this at his mom’s house? Nope!

3. the ‘Computer Room’. Need I say more?

4. Errands/restaurants. Okay, so not that I don’t think the kid should get out but, this kid is aware of more stores and restaurants than his mother. How do I know this, well he tells me. Either via conversation or during commutes, there’s often this, “Hey Mom! There’s so and so store!”

5. the ‘Kindle Fire’. Last, as if all of the above weren’t enough, there’s the kindle fire. Huh, what’s this? I mean I’ve overheard the commercials but I really don’t pay attention. Why? Because I don’t want too. I have a hard enough time figuring out what sort of phone to upgrade too. Anyway, so When I questioned why this was purchased for the child the response I got was…”Oh, well he can put books on this, play games, and he can take it on trips. HOLD IT – Did my mom just suggest ‘E’ could play games on this gadget? Yep! I also noticed how she tried to clean-up the conversation by saying, “he could take it on trips.”

Interesting right? Not at all…it’s not rocket science why my son hasn’t been wanting to read at their house – at least to me it’s not.

Now the question I am going to pose to my mom this week is, “Hey so could you really tell me why ‘E’ doesn’t read much when he comes to your house?”

So what’s your child reading these days?
How do you implement reading to your child as a part of your daily routine?
What are your feelings towards all of the electronic media available to young and older children today – are we in trouble?

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2 thoughts on “Electronic Reading

  1. I do think there's trouble ahead. Libraries and actual, physical books are becoming obsolete (except in my house). We've yet to get an e-reader. For one, I need a book to turn the pages. I need a book to curl up with on the sofa with mah tea and a cold piece of electronics cannot replace that. I don't need yet another thing to play games on. My oldest daughter wanted to download books to her iPod Touch. Ha. Girl, you be illin'. Go find your library card and I'll get all the books you want. For three whole weeks.These days the boy, at 2, is still reading Goodnight Moon and The Monster at the End of this Book. My older daughter is really into young adult chick lit (eye roll infinity) and my middle girl really still wants to be read to. I can sit her with a book but she's not as voracious a read as her sister. And I'm ok with that; it's another reason to sit down with just her so until she says she wants to read more on her own, we're good. I think b/c my kids see me with a book constantly — on the sofa, while cooking, in the car — it's natural for them to have one as well. I must admit I've fallen off of reading to the boy before bed every night, but I tell myself it's not that bad since he usually will pick one up during the day. Eh. It's just a change to the routine.

  2. Arnebya, call me old school but I totally agree with the need to turn the page of a book. I physically want hold a book in my hand. That's why I've been so against purchasing him these types of items. However, I do know that it's important because of the way technology is going. It's good to hear that your kids are still interested in reading – which has been influenced by you! We love the library and go often – now if I could just remember to get the books back on time.Thanks for stopping by as well. I am enjoying your space as well.

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