#TBT. Boardgames.


Boardgames have been around for a while. If you didn’t know, they actually predate video games…no, really they do! The first recorded use of a boardgame goes back to prehistoric times over 7,000 years.

If you’ve play boardgames you know there are many different types and styles of board games. If you’ve played them, you also know that the rules can be simple, specific, or ridiculous depending on who you are playing with! Continue reading

Inspired. #001

Chima Drawing


Every so often…okay everyday I go into my sons room.  His room is mess, or at least I think it is…but I’m a bit OCD and if there are a few things on the dresser I sort of cringe.  Last night I went into my sons room – I cringed – the dresser was pretty cluttered with toys, books, and crafts. But as my eyes moved down the dresser and towards his bed  Continue reading

The few minutes of silence that reminded me of gratitude.

“Mom, how many scoops of ice cream do you normally give me – ten I think? So what is it mom…tell my Grandma please?”

That’s the phone call I received last week from my son. He was visiting with his dad grandparents who live out of state. The week prior he spent a bit of time with my parents.

Normally, my first thought when he travels out of town to visit family is, “I’ll have to retrain him when he returns,” or “I wonder what exactly will he be like when he returns – attitude, conversation, etc.” “Will he be okay?”

So off he went…one happy and excited little boy.

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